Blue & Gold has always been an Oklahoma family tradition for us. Our favorite way to eat the sausage is to cut it open and smoke the sausage whole as it is in the log form. Also known as a smoked fatty! If you didn't know the story Blue & Gold was formed as a fundraising company for local school Agriculture programs. Blue & Gold products are sold exclusively through fundraising efforts, and are not available in stores. Participating groups currently generate more than $5,000,000 annually for their worthwhile projects. 


The Smoked Fatty will be 2-2.5lbs when picked up and Vacuum Sealed. It will be an easy reheat item great for all kinds of things including slicing and serving for breakfast (Our Favorite).  


We should be getting the delivery of this item from our local FFA program around the 9th of September so right now YOU WILL BE CONTACTED VIA EMAIL USED AT CHECKOUT for when your order will be ready.