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Friday 11am to 3pm/Sold Out,
Saturday11am-3pm 4:30-8pm/Sold Out,
& Sunday 11am to 3pm/Sold Out


Wellston, Oklahoma


If your group is 2 or less: Sit at a smaller table. Save big tables or larger groups Wait for your food before you take a table. No holding tables and No saving Tables you will have a place to sit by the time you have your food.   Come early! The line normally starts forming around 9:30am to 10:00am. On Saturdays,  it sometimes starts as early as 8:30am. Please come prepared! We do our best to keep the line moving smoothly, however, at times it can easily be 45 minutes to an hour and a half before you arrive to our chop block to place your order; by that time, it is possible that some items may be SOLD OUT by then.  ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINKS ​ Please no Dogs inside the dining room. They are more than welcome in the yard and on the patio.  Do not get back in Line for just a drink or something small head to the "beer" counter Lawn Chairs, are encouraged We allow 10 pre orders per day A 1/2 pound of food is what we recommend per person. There is absolutely NO cutting line, We do this to ensure an available seat for the customers who have patiently waited to place their order and enjoy their meal. If you are sitting down or saving a table while waiting in line, then be aware that we will politely ask you to please get back in line. It's nothing personal, we aren't trying to be rude; we are simply doing our part to be fair and have seats available for fellow customers who have their food ready and need a seat to enjoy their dine-in meal. Exceptions WILL be made for elderly customers and those customers who have health issues, just make us aware of it and we will make the needed accommodations.   Most importantly have fun, make a friend, and enjoy yourself.  Your time and patience is very much appreciated, and we are very thankful for your business.

Info, Etiquette, & Tips

We open the doors at 9:00am Best BBQ In Oklahoma 


Good food is an essential part of any event - let us do the catering and make it one to remember.

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